A multi-ethnic group of high school age students are walking to class together before school.

PSESD Safety Co-Op

The safety of students is a primary concern for educators, parents, and the community. The current global and regional climate requires heightened school preparedness efforts in response to a myriad of threats and hazards. The PSESD Safety Co-op strengthens safety services in school communities across the region through high quality training, networking, and coordination opportunities that are culturally responsive and trauma informed.

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Here's Why You'll Love Our Co-op

Quality Training

Culturally responsive and trauma informed professional development trainings are offered throughout the year to strengthen school safety services by addressing school climate, crisis response, emergency operations and continuing operations plans, threat assessment, and more.

Access to Exclusive Resources

The PSESD Safety Cooperative features a member’s only website with links, document templates, resources, and a community forum for networking, members only newsletter, and the expertise of OSPI, ESD, emergency management agencies, and school district members who bring specialized knowledge and experiences to the group.

Network with Regional Safety Leads

The PSESD Safety Co-operative hosts quarterly networking meetings with regional safety leads and adjunct staff to offer supportive problem solving and resource sharing. Additionally, Crisis Response or flight Team networking meetings and training booster sessions offer support and debriefing of incident response deployments.

Annual Events

The annual Strengthening School Safety S3 Summit convenes at the PSESD in early August to offer two days of professional development focused on strengthening school safety services. Participants learn best and promising practices to prepare, respond, and recover from threats to school safety.